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New Collection for Fall 2024

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“Timelessness” was a synonym for boring basics back in the mid 70s when I started my collection.

My goal was to create the ultimate new vision of stylish timelessness for Men, an innovative merger of good taste and tradition. Because it was intended to last a long time, the fabrics, fit, details, and the tailoring had to be excellent. I was sure Men needed a little color too. Unintentionally, I became the most expensive American made Designer clothing then.

After a skyrocketing success, expanding to Japan, and then Europe with the Ermenegildo Zegna family, I was caught in a familiar story of mergers and acquisitions, ultimately having to endure a Venture Capital train wreck which removed my brand from the market in the USA for several years.

A few years ago, I decided to try again, same premise, beautifully American made Menswear using my quiver of skills and mills.

The tailoring, both sports coats and the sportswear, is all done in the incredible former Hickey Freeman factory in Rochester NY.