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Why Organic?

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Let's get real, pollution is a major problem in the apparel industry. We at Alexander Julian want to create better alternatives for your apparel needs. Organic cotton and carbon-neutral shipping are our first few steps to bringing you sustainable apparel.



From intensive agriculture, to harmful finishing chemicals, global logistics and short product lifecycles, apparel has earned a place among the top global polluting industries (Yeah, right up there next to the energy industry!).

Organic cotton uses much less water than conventional cotton. Further, the use of pesticides that harm the environment is forbidden. Together, these steps reduce the impact of garments made from organic cotton. When possible, we use GOTS certified organic cloths from suppliers, which means that the fiber was not only grown responsibly, but was also dyed and woven responsibly. 

Overall, the apparel industry faces hurdles that are much greater than reducing the impact of certain product lines through the use of organic cotton. Still, as a consumer you can choose to vote with your dollar to improve the marketability of sustainable products and drive the industry forward.

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